Cancer gene therapy 癌症基因治疗

Would you like to receive cancer treatment while staying in Japan?Japan is a country with one of the world's leading cancer treatment technologies. If you have insufficient cancer treatment available in the country you live in, you should receive cancer gene therapy while in Japan. Cancer gene therapy is an effective treatment for cancer from early stages to late stages. Many Japanese people receive treatment at our hospital.

您想在日本期间接受癌症治疗吗?日本是拥有世界领先癌症治疗技术的国家之一。 如果您居住的国家/地区没有足够的癌症治疗,您应该在日本期间接受癌症基因治疗。 癌症基因治疗是从早期到晚期癌症的有效治疗方法。 许多日本人在我们医院接受治疗。

Our hospital uses translation software, so there may be slight grammar errors. Please forgive me.

我院使用翻译软件,因此可能存在轻微语法错误。 请原谅我。

Cancer is caused by genetic abnormalities. By introducing genes that suppress cancer cells, it is possible to shrink cancer.Cancer gene therapy is a treatment that is effective against cancer cells throughout the body without adversely affecting normal cells.Manufactured and used in the United States, safety has been reported. This is an unapproved drug in Japan. We will import and administer cancer gene therapy drugs from Gankirin, Inc. in the United States.

癌症是由基因异常引起的。通过引入抑制癌细胞的基因,可以缩小癌症。癌症基因疗法是一种有效对抗全身癌细胞而不会对正常细胞产生不利影响的治疗方法。在美国制造和使用。 ,这是一种未经日本批准的药物,我们将从美国 Gankirin, Inc. 进口和管理癌症基因治疗药物。

|Target of treatment|

☑Cancer treatment in your own country is not enough.

☑It cannot be cured with standard treatment.

☑Life expectancy is less than 1 year.

☑Cancer has metastasized.

☑Treatment is not sufficient due to side effects of anti-cancer drugs.







It will be a drip treatment. The only side effects are fever and general malaise for a few days. I think it's worth trying to make the remaining time as long as possible. It would be helpful if you had documents showing your medical condition when you visit the hospital. You don't have to.

这将是一个点滴治疗。 唯一的副作用是发烧和几天的全身不适。 我认为值得尝试使剩余时间尽可能长。 如果您在去医院时有显示您健康状况的文件,将会很有帮助。 你不必这样做。

Tumor suppressor genes used at our hospital

p53, CDC6, p16, PTEN. Inject these.For treatment during your stay in Japan, you will be injected with double the amount of gene therapy drug used for Japanese patients.

我院使用的抑癌基因p53、CDC6、p16、PTEN。 注入这些。在日本逗留期间接受治疗时,将注射双倍于日本患者用量的基因治疗药物。

|How to make a reservation|

Please send an email to our hospital with your desired date and time. We accept applications from 14:00 to 17:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.Our hospital will reply if you can be seen on your desired date.The email address is below.

Our hospital will respond within a few days.


请发送电子邮件至我们医院并注明您想要的日期和时间。 我们每周一、周二、周四和周五 14:00 至 17:00 接受申请。如果您可以在您希望的日期就诊,我们医院将会回复您。电子邮件地址如下。


|Treatment flow|

① Visit the hospital, receive an explanation of cancer gene therapy.

② Fill out the consent form.

③Cancer gene therapy drug is infused for about 30 minutes in the treatment room.

④ Accounting after completion of infusion.

No restrictions on movement. You can also take a bath. Please continue to enjoy your trip.


① 访问医院,接受癌症基因治疗的说明。

② 填写同意书。



没有行动限制。 您还可以洗澡。 请继续享受您的旅行。


①Effects may vary from person to person. It may also have no effect at all.

②We do not accept refunds after administration.

③After returning to Japan, please have your cancer checked at the hospital you usually visit.

④Treatment can be repeated as many times as you like. Please come when you come to Japan.


①效果因人而异。 它也可能根本没有任何影响。



④治疗可以重复多次。 来日本的时候请一定来。

|Price| tax included


You can pay by card with only a one-time payment. Cannot be paid in installments.

|费| 含销售税


您只需一次性付款即可使用卡付款。 不能分期付款。